CabinCover can protect against fire


We protect all your property from loss

CabinCover can protect against fire


We protect all your property from loss

Saving One Home at a Time from Disaster

Why Use CabinCover

Protect your investment by purchasing CabinCover.
Highest Quality Materials or Guaranteed.

Instalation and Delivery

Free Delivery
Made in the USA
Easy and fast to set up!

CabinCover Flood

Over a two year period between 2016-2017 Flood related property losses in the US were over 26 Billion dollars. The annual average is over 6Bil. Let us help protect your investment.

Protect Your Home

CCs for homes under 800 square feet can be installed by a Homeowner when an emergency arises or when away for long periods with relative ease.

High risk areas should keep it on all the time as to the roof. Many fires are started by embers from fires great distances away during a Wildfire landing on roofs.

Systems are shipped to Homeowner in a lightweight container that can be stored until needed by Homeowner. CC should be stored  in originally packaging until ready for install. They should last indefinitely while stored.

An instruction manual will be included in every shipment sent to a Homeowner  with A DVD and Instruction manual will be included in every shipment.

A deployed CC will have customer last name and address stenciled on two sides in BOLD lettering. While stored will last indefinitely.


Insurance Company Partnering

We are working on partnerships with different insurance agencies to minimize your insurance costs when your home is covered with cabin cover.

We Donate 10% of all CabinCover Sales to California Wildfire Recovery Efforts

Financing Details

Don't have the finances to pay for CabinCover up front?  We have financing options to help spread out the cost of your protection investment.

Get a Quote for a CabinCover for Your Investment

Each CabinCover is custom built for your home. To give you a quote on how much construction and delivery will be we need some relevant information from your to give you an accurate quote on the cost of your CabinCover.

Request a Pricing Quote

If you are interested in CabinCover we will need you to provide some information so that we can effectively get you an accurate cost quote for your home.  Every home is different with different shapes, sizes and dynamics.  Let us custom design your CabinCover.

Our Services

Helping to protect your home and valuables while reducing your insurance costs.

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