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CabinCover can protect against floods


Over a two year period between 2016-2017 flood related property losses in the US were over 26 Billion dollars. The annual average is over 6 Billion.

Flood Insurance isn't available in all areas. In some areas premiums are over $10,000 annually.

Flood Insurance has gotten expensive. Companies like Belfor  make a fortune on Water/Mold remediation services. This would eliminate some of that.

This product will actually prevent water and wind damage. This solves one of the most vexing Homeowner problems; Water Damage.

Repairing flood damage can be very expensive if mold is involved. Older homes with 2% Asbestos Popcorn ceilings can contaminate the whole home with Asbestos if the ceilings drop making it a possible total loss.

Many of these could have been prevented with the use of CabinCover Flood.

CabinCover Flood is Waterproof and will take standing water for extended periods.

Areas across a broad swath of the South and Northeast experience flooding due to Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. In the Midwest along the Mississippi  and Missouri rivers seasonal flooding can wreak havoc. However large areas of the US have experienced localized heavy flooding causing serious damage.

Areas near Flood fringe now have difficulty building w/o raising properties 3 feet or more which is pricey. This product may open up previously restricted areas to be more friendly to building if CabinCover Flood is used.

  • Protects home from up to 8 feet of standing water
  • Quick deployment in less than 30 minutes
  • Anchored and Secured
  • Guaranteed to prevent water damage
  • $4875 avg for 1000 sq ft home
  • Comes ready to deploy

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If you are interested in CabinCover we will need you to provide some information so that we can effectively get you an accurate cost quote for your home.  Every home is different with different shapes, sizes and dynamics.  Let us custom design your CabinCover.

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