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CabinCover can protect against fire

The policy of CabinCover will be that a defensible space around property must be maintained at all times 24/7 to keep warranty in effect.

  • A fifteen foot clear zone will be required from the outer edge of the fascia.
  • Clear means:
  • No grass / leaves
  • Vehicles?
  • No shrubbery
  • No lawn furniture
  • No wood piles/Propane - need to be 30 feet away
  • No tree limbs
  • No Flammables ie. paint, solvents, gas, BBQ lighter fluid, Propane tanks.
  • Clear zone means completely clear at all times especially when away
  • A violation of the clear space mandate resulting in loss will Void warranty.

*All insurance companies already require a defensible space to underwrite a policy in a fire possible area if they will issue at all.

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If you are interested in CabinCover we will need you to provide some information so that we can effectively get you an accurate cost quote for your home.  Every home is different with different shapes, sizes and dynamics.  Let us custom design your CabinCover.

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