Why CabinCover

CabinCover can protect against fire
  • Because this is the greatest invention in property protection since fire sprinklers were invented in the 1880s. The problem with sprinklers is they are expensive to install and damage the property to save it costing tens of thousands  to repair .
  • Because over 27,000 structures (someone’s home) have been destroyed by fires originating in rural areas of California since 2015 with more still burning .
  • Because your property isn’t easily replaced by just building it again . Many personal items, mementos, pictures, etc. can never be replaced.
  • Because many properties near Wild lands cannot currently get Casualty Insurance for their homes at any price. . Many will have policies cancelled after this latest round of fires or see rates go up as far as the State will allow .
  • Because living near Wild lands means living near potential danger every day. In a place like California, for example, development in the once Backcountry has increased over 1,000% in the last 60 years.
  • Because severe fires such as have recently occurred in California will drive up all costs of home repair/replacement so that extra cost would probably fall on the homeowner unless well covered.
  • Because annual premiums in high risk areas could approach $7,000.00 or more annually after this fire without CabinCover. Most consumers opt for higher deductibles to offset high premiums and a $7-10,000  or more isnt an unusual deductible for an expensive home, CabinCover will change that as well.
  • Because many policies don’t allow for full replacement requiring a sometimes large contribution by Homeowner .
  • Because most Wild land fires aren’t preventable and because fire loss is with CabinCover.
  • CabinCover protects against smoke and hot ash, something many insurance policies don’t cover.
  • Because almost 7 million people live in Wild land danger zones just in California alone .
  • Because your home is your biggest investment .
  • Because were The FIRST and ONLY product of its kind.
  • Because WE Guarantee to protect your property or we pay.
  • Because CabinCover provides peace of mind .
  • Because ALE insurance may not be required as you may be able to reoccupy your home in much less time than if restoring or rebuilding.
  • Because this is one thing you can do to take control of you life
  • Finally because your whole life is in your home.

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If you are interested in CabinCover we will need you to provide some information so that we can effectively get you an accurate cost quote for your home.  Every home is different with different shapes, sizes and dynamics.  Let us custom design your CabinCover.

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